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Kentucky Derby Winner Praises Jesus After Win with ‘Justify’

Justify is justifiably getting a lot of credit for his big win at the 144th Kentucky Derby this weekend. Jockey Mike Smith, 52, is also being praised for the successful Derby run, but Smith is directing those praises upward. Shortly after crossing the finish line, still mounted on the chestnut-colored colt, Smith looks to the sky giving thanks to the

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Demons: Different Types, Their Identity, And Their Demise

By Brian Chilton| Hollywood often presents demons as being entities that are nearly impossible to combat. Recently, interesting figures have been presented in music videos and films that finds parallels to some of the demonic entities found in the Bible. This article is all about demons as we ask: who are demons; how do they operate; and what is their

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Who Is Raising Your Kids, Jesus or Hollywood?

If Justin Bieber sings a worship song at his concert right after gyrating about with seductive dancers, you best be sure thousands upon thousands of Christians are going to click that “Share”. One of the more problematic trends that has befallen the modern Christian church is that it has become enamored with something I would call, “spiritual celebritism”. This is

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