Ruth and Billy Graham’s Love and Marriage Advice, Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has published five pieces of marriage advice that Billy or Ruth Graham have shared in the past.

1. Many of my friends have broken marriages. How can I prevent divorce?

“Remember: marriage isn’t just a social convenience or a legal custom. Marriage comes from God, and it is one of His greatest gifts to us. When times of stress or disappointment come (and they will), remember that God brought you together, and you made your marriage vows not only to each other but also to Him,” Billy Graham said.

Click here for the rest of his answer.

2. Are my spouse and I “incompatible”?

“Before we married, someone gave me a gem of wisdom: ‘Where two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary,'” Ruth Graham wrote.

Click here for the rest of her answer.


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By Catlin Burke 2/13/18

Photo credit: The 7th Day Return of the Lord


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